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Jenny Donovan

I graduated from Dawson College's Illustration and Design and began my career as a children's book illustrator. It wasn't long that I would stumble into the world of 2D animation, where I would forge a 20 year career as a  background painter--both traditional and digital. And while I've had the opportunity to dabble in freelance graphic design, animation has been the greatest mainstay.

It's been a wonderful string of creative collaborations, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with so many talented, designers, animators and directors.

Looking ahead, I see returning to where it all began... With words and pictures. Somewhere in the mix, my hope is to incorporate and communicate the growing issue of animal welfare, a subject about which I am very passionate.
  I think I've always been a storyteller at heart, and some stories have been knocking at the door for quite a long while... It's about time to let them out in full colour and into the light of day....

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